Built-In Ironing Board – The Out Of Sight Laundry Room Space Saver

Hide-Away Ironing CenterHide-Away Ironing Center

A built-in ironing board will let you iron at a moment’s notice without having to lug out the old board and find a place to set up to do your ironing.

Whether you iron a lot or just need to be able to quickly handle touch-up jobs, any time a task can be simplified, the more likely it is to get done.

You can keep your ironing board and supplies hidden in plain sight with an attractive yet unobtrusive built-in ironing board unit.

I love to iron … but I hate setting up the board and then having to wait for the iron to cool before putting everything away. A wall-mounted ironing board center would take away the drudgery of ironing!

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Recessed Built-In Ironing Board

Adding a recessed built-in ironing board center is easiest to do when building your own home or as part of a remodeling project. Since you will have ready access to the studs, building the wall up around the ironing board unit will be simple enough.

Stowaway Ironing Board CabinetStowaway Ironing Board CabinetOak Hideaway Iron BoardOak Hideaway Iron BoardNon-Electric Ironing CenterNon-Electric Ironing Center

Since the unit will be built into the wall, it will stick out only a few inches which in effect means it takes up even less space. Whether space is at a premium or just for convenience sake, there is a noticeable depth difference between a recessed and a wall-mounted ironing board.

Built-In Ironing Center With Swivel Board

Ironing Center with Swivel BoardIroning Center with Swivel Board

While a built-in ironing center takes up less wall space, having the ability to adjust the angle of the board as needed can make a world of difference depending on where you choose to install your unit.

Some boards only have 90-degree swivel capacity but most give a full 180-degree of maneuverability. This allows for access to the entire board, regardless of where your board is installed or what kind of ironing you are doing.

And it makes it very accommodating if you happen to have both left- and right-handed members in your household who will be using the ironing board.

Tips For Choosing A Built-In Ironing Board Unit

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding which model of built-in ironing board will be best for your situation and living space.

Built-In Ironing Board Cabinet With Iron Storage

Iron-A-Way Ironing CenterIron-A-Way Ironing Center

What better place to store your iron and ironing supplies than with the ironing board itself!

A cabinet with built-in storage shelves takes advantage of otherwise dead space and helps keep everything you need all together in one place.

The ability to store your hot iron is a great one that is offered on many models. No need to keep the ironing board open so that your iron has a place to cool down.

You can put everything away as soon as you are done, knowing that your iron is in a special place where it can do no harm while it is still hot.

Built-In Ironing Board System With Mirror

Mirrored Wall Mounted Ironing Board CenterMirrored Wall Mounted Ironing Board CenterWall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror and Storage ShelvesWall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror and Storage ShelvesBuilt-In Wall Mount Ironing Station with 2 Shelves and MirrorBuilt-In Wall Mount Ironing Station with 2 Shelves and Mirror

How To Install A Built-In Ironing Board

This video shows how to install the StowAway built-in ironing board model but there are lots of tips that can be gleaned that would be useful in the installation of any brand of ironing center.

Wall Mount Built-In Ironing Board Units

If cutting a hole in the wall is not an option or not something you feel comfortable doing, a wall-mounted ironing board unit is the next best thing. Since it won’t be built into the wall itself, it will stick out further into the room. But you will still get all the other benefits of a built-in unit by having the ironing board stored away yet ready to be used at any moment.

Wall-Mount Ironing Board CenterWall-Mount Ironing Board CenterSurface Mount Ironing CenterSurface Mount Ironing CenterFoldaway Ironing Board CabinetFoldaway Ironing Board Cabinet

Kitchen Built-In Ironing Board On A Drawer

Another non-invasive solution is the drawer-mounted ironing board. While the storage capabilities and the “out of sight” qualities are missing, this is still a great way to have your ironing board set up and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. No more lugging the ironing board around, trying to find somewhere to set it up … even if all you have is a quick five-minute touch-up job.

Vanity Drawer Ironing BoardVanity Drawer Ironing BoardIroning Board in a DrawerIroning Board in a DrawerKitchen Fold-Out Ironing BoardKitchen Fold-Out Ironing Board

With an available drawer, this ironing board can be a permanent fixture in your kitchen or your laundry room … wherever your washer and dryer are kept or where you would normally be doing your ironing … even in the bathroom. The advantage of one of these ironing board units is that it isn’t truly “permanent” and could be moved if necessary or taken with you when moving to a new home.

Folding Built-In Ironing Board For Small Spaces

Folding Wall-Mounted Ironing BoardFolding Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

When space is really tight, the folding built-in ironing board may be the answer. Taking up no more room than a regular ironing board but with the benefit of being already set up, this type of unit could be installed in a closet or on a wall.

One of these smaller built-in ironing boards would be great as a second ironing board conveniently installed in your bedroom.

Rather than having to haul your clothes down to the laundry room for that quick touch-up job, you could tackle that task quickly while never leaving your bedroom.

Check out all the options for built-in ironing boards available at Amazon!

Love the idea of a built-in ironing board so at least the set up and put away chores are minimal! Options for both homeowners and renters.

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