Dog Lover Gift Ideas for Cooks

Fill your kitchen with dog-themed items that also make great gift ideas for anyone who loves dogs. Check out this growing list for dog lover gift ideas for the kitchen and for cooks …

Cookie Cutters | Dish Towels

Chart showing toxic and safe foods for dogsToxic and Safe Foods Chart shows which human foods are toxic for your dog and which ones are safe for canine consumption. Every pet home needs one of these large magnets displayed prominently on the refrigerator!

Dog cookie cutters and silicone molds make baking so much fun and they are great gift ideas for the dog lover … even if you’re buying them for yourself! Whether the goal is to provide homemade and healthier treats for your dog, or you want to create cookies or candies for human consumption, having them in the shape of doggy items will make anyone happy. Expect an excited response from the canines or a big hug and a smile from the people in your life.

Dog treat silicone moldsPaw Print and Dog Bone Silicone Molds for adding variety to your dog treat shapes. Perfect for baked goodies or frozen ones. Make gourmet treats for your pup on a shoestring budget. Also includes a recipe booklet.
Dog Faces Cooking MoldDog Face Silicone Molds for fun kitchen projects. Up your game with these adorable doggy faces instead of just bones and paw prints. Seven cute and detailed dog faces for making ice cubes, candies, or even dog treats!
Paw Print Cookie Cutters with HeartPaw Print with Heart Cookie Cutter Set will bring a uniqueness to your creations. With a heart on the pad of the paw print and coming in two sizes, these will make super cute treats – for the human or the dog!
Paw print lollipop moldsPaw Print Lollipop Silicone Molds for making hard candy or chocolate lollipops that the kids will go crazy over. Food grade silicone means they can also be baked so they could double as a way to make baked dog treats.
Cake topper mold in dog shapeDog Shaped Cake Topper Mold will make any birthday cake the cutest ever! Great for a child’s birthday or when celebrating Fido’s big day. Silicone can be baked or frozen so you have lots of options of what to shape like a dog.
Dog cookie cutter set with plastic topsDog-Themed Cookie Cutter Set including a dog bone, paw print, puppy, and dog house. These also make great sandwich cutters for the picky eater(s) in your house. What child could resist eating a puppy-shaped sandwich?!
Dog-themed cookie cutters in a tinDog-Lover Tin Cookie Cutter Set includes five shapes. The dog, paw print, fire hydrant, dog house, and bone all fit nicely into a round storage tin, making this a cute gift for any dog lover who likes to bake or has kids.
Bone and paw dog treat silicone mold setDog Treat Silicone Molds with Steel Reinforced Corners give stability you don’t normally find in silicone products. These are a win/win for any dog treat making cook since they have all the flexibility without the flimsy.
5 Dog bone cookie cuttersDog Bone Cookie Cutter Box Gift Set with five different size bones. Makes a great gift idea or just an easy way to keep all the pieces together. No matter the size of the dog(s) in your house, one of these bones will fit perfectly.
Dog house silicone moldsLittle Dog House Silicone Molds are great for making baked or frozen treats for little dogs or quick gobbles for larger dogs. Due to the pointy corners, soft treats would be best in these otherwise adorable molds.
Dog Bone Multi-CutterMulti-Bone Cookie Cutter makes it easy to cut out lots of dog bone shapes quickly. Speed up production of your homemade dog treats by cutting twenty-eight at one time. Makes fast work of cutting cookies for the kiddos also.
Tin dog treat cookie cutter setDog Treat Cookie Cutter Set of four pieces. There is a size that is perfect for any dog. One heart-shaped and small, medium and large bone tin cookie cutters. Show your love for your dog(s) with some homemade treats.

Kitchen Dish Towels

Kitchen towels are a great way for the dog lover to add life, color and excitement to their kitchen. You can never have too many towels on hand … ready to mop up large or small messes, for wrapping warm bread, to decorate the oven door, or for the mundane things like drying dishes. They make perfect housewarming or hostess gifts since they are useful in so many areas of life. Although their uses are slightly different, there are lots of choices of tea towels and dish towels.

Tea towel set with many dogsColorful Dog Tea Towel Set of 3 will spark anyone’s interest as they scour these towels to see all the many dogs in the patterns. Brighten up your kitchen with these cotton cleaners that also include a convenient hanging loop.
Cute puppy dish towelPuppy Love Kitchen Towel is adorably cute and will make a great gift just for display or for actual drying and cleaning. A sweet-looking Yorkie amidst beautiful flowers will speak to the heart of any woman who loves dogs.
Dish towel with dog cook and treat recipeDog Treat Recipe Flour Sack Dish Towel is just so adorable with a black lab dressed as a cook. An actual recipe for dog treats is displayed on the large towel along with ingredient images. Fido will want to try those treats!
B&W dish towels with dog silhouettesBlack and White Silhouette Dog and Plaid Dish Towel Set includes one plaid towel and one covered in dog silhouettes. These will fit with any color theme or kitchen decor as you can never go wrong with basic black.
Dog wisdom dish towel setDog Wisdom Kitchen Towel Set makes a great gift for any dog lover. Words of doggy wisdom on the colorful towel will encourage everyone and the dog silhouette towel with words about wet noses will speak to canine fans.
Dogs riding bicycles kitchen towel setDogs on Bicycles Coordinated Kitchen Towel Set will bring a smile to anyone’s face with these cute dogs out for a ride. And the “Have a Wheel-y Good Day” caption just seals the deal as a great dog lover gift idea.
Kitchen towel set featuring great dane, dalmatian, bull terrier and chihuahuaPile of Dogs Kitchen Towel Set of 2 features a Great Dane, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, and Bull Terrier. One towel has them standing on top of each other like a cheerleader pyramid and the other is just covered in doggy goodness!
Sleeping dogs on dish towelDog Tired Dish Towel in neutral brown colors makes for a fun gift idea for any dog lover. Whether at the end of a long day or just the end of a lot of cooking, these cute dogs snoozing on their beds is how any cook will feel.
Dogs chasing ball dish towel setChase Your Dreams Kitchen Towel Set features dogs chasing a ball. Fun design that will encourage you to follow whatever your dreams are and wherever they take you. Give as a gift or let these dogs inspire you!
Made with love and dog hair dish towelMade With Love and Maybe a Little Dog Hair Dish Towel describes the plight of every home with dogs. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a hair or two that escapes and might make it into the food. Oh well …
Cartoon dog dish towelAll Food is Dog Food Dish Towel offers a funny cartoonish take on the truth. Every dog owner knows that the 3-second rule doesn’t apply when you have a dog underfoot in your kitchen. If it hits the floor, it IS dog food. Woof!
Large tea towel featuring many dogsBeautiful Dog Tea Towel features lots of different dogs in clothing or accessories. Will definitely bring color and a stylish decor to any kitchen. Great gift idea that will add some spice to a truly functional item.
Eco-friendly dish towel with dog sayingRetro-Style Dish Towel is not only large, absorbent and lint-free but is also eco-friendly. To make it irresistible, it features a cute puppy and the funny statement “We had to give the children away. The dog was allergic.”
Dog wigglebutt dish towelBeware of Wigglebutts Dish Towel is just too cute to resist. Neutral black and tan make this a great gift idea for all your fellow dog lovers, but you better get an extra one because you will want to keep one for yourself!
Glasses-wearing dogs kitchen towel setDogs in Glasses Kitchen Towels are a fun set of dish towels featuring various dogs wearing glasses or a monocle. Would be a great item to have in a dog-loving home where a child is sensitive about having to wear spectacles.

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