Dog Lover Gift Ideas for Moms

101 Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Our moms are special and we want to show our love and appreciation by giving them gifts each Mother’s Day. And sometimes coming up with an idea for a gift that you haven’t given before can be challenging. But if your mom is a dog lover, why not choose a gift that is dog-themed. You might be surprised at all the different items available to you with a canine focus or design.

Below are 101 ideas for gifts that any dog-loving mama would enjoy … and the best part is that they are all “useful.” No flowers or boxes of candy on this list! To make your searching easier, the ideas are all divided into groups so you can start with the section that looks to be the most appealing to you (and your mom!)

Or just start at the top and keep reading till you find something that resonates with you as a good idea. All the links open in new windows so you can always come back to the list for more ideas. (As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This in no way affects what you pay but does help keep Mags and Molly going.)

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For the On-The-Go Mom

Mothers Day Busy Mom Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Moms of every age often feel like they meet themselves coming and going in this ultra busy world we live in today. Here are some ways to bring some doggy love and self-care into that harried lifestyle that has Mom on-the-go pretty much 24/7.

Dog-themed compression socksCompression Socks – For the mom who travels by airplane for work or by car to see family that lives far away or just feels the need for some extra leg support, compression socks can be a lifesaver. And when covered with cute canines, what else is there to say?!
Large cosmetic bag covered in dogsCosmetic Bags – Big or small, a cosmetic bag of some sort is a great gift idea for any mom. Even the mom who doesn’t have time (or the desire) for make-up still needs a bag for toiletries when traveling or even just going into the office … a place for essentials like a toothbrush, brush, comb, chapstick … and who knows what else!
Duffel bag with dog faceGym Bags – If mama can find time for the gym, then a fun doggy bag to carry her things is a must. Whether she prefers a duffel bag, a simple drawstring backpack, or something in between, let it make a poochified statement to help brighten her otherwise harried day.
Cute dog luggage tagsLuggage Tags – Make it easier for your mom to spot her suitcase on the baggage carousel (the next time she comes to visit you) with some colorful and unique luggage tags covered in doggy cuteness. They also work great as gym bag tags for the fit mother.
Black and white paw prints on reusable shopping bagReusable Shopping Bags – For the mom who is concerned about the environment or just doesn’t want to deal with all those plastic bags, reusable shopping bags are a great alternative. And cute ones featuring dogs or a dog saying will likely get attention from other (envious) shoppers.
Adorable dog lunch bagLunch Bags – Your mom’s lunch bag will be easy to find in the company refrigerator with all those dogs all over it. Also a great idea for the mom with special dietary needs or health issues who needs to keep an insulated bag for food or medicine with her wherever she goes.
Phone ring with paw printsPhone Rings – The busy mom needs all the help she can get and a tiny doggy phone ring may be just what it takes to keep that phone in a better grip or propped up.
Popsocket with paw print and lovePopSockets – Another way to give mama more of a grip on her phone, a PopSocket also works great with tablets. Choose a dog-themed one and mom will be styling all day long.
Umbrella covered in dogsUmbrellas – The mom in your life will shower you with love for the thoughtful gift of a dog-themed umbrella the next time she gets caught outside when it’s raining cats and dogs 😀

For the Mom-Mobile

Whether she is still playing chauffeur to the kids or just running around doing her own stuff, a mother’s vehicle is important to her. Here are a few fun ways to add some useful and decorative doggy “upgrades” to Mom’s ride.

Four paw print auto decalsAuto Decals – From dog images to doggy sayings to just a trail of cute paw prints, auto decals are a fun way to give Mom a little exterior decoration for the vehicle she spends so much time in. (Psst … they’re also a great way to cover up a little ding or scratch … wink!)
Car coasters with dog quoteCar Coasters – Mom will love the addition of some color to the otherwise dark console or cup holder section that a set of dog-themed car coasters can provide. Plus they will absorb any condensation from her drink so no watery mess left in the hole.
Dog bobblehead figurineCar Decorations – What fun-loving mother wouldn’t get a kick out of a little dog bobblehead or figurine in her car to entertain kids or other passengers. They can also make it easier to find the right car in a parking lot with other similar vehicles.
Paw print hitch coverHitch Covers – Bring a smile to Mom’s face with a cute doggy hitch cover. Protect the trailer hitch and everyone’s shins with a useful decorative add-on.
Paw prints around license plate frameLicense Plate Frames – Add a little bling to mama’s ride with a license plate frame holder covered in puppy paw prints or some cute doggy saying. Go all out and get her a different one for the front and for the back!
Travel mug with dog and quoteTravel Mugs – The on-the-go mom needs a safe and portable glass so give her a dog-themed travel mug that will keep her drink hot or cold wherever and whenever she needs it.

For the Mother of Small Children

If the mom you are celebrating this Mother’s Day still has young kids, then something that helps mom might truly be appreciated. Here are a few dog-themed gift ideas that can make mommyhood a little less stressful.

Wooden baby sleeping signBaby Sleeping Signs – For the mama with small children AND a dog (or two,) help eliminate some stress in her life with a simple and straightforward sign “warning” people to not knock or ring the doorbell. She will thank you a million times over for your thoughtful gift.
Set of dog fridge magnetsFridge Magnets – As the kids get old enough to start creating artwork that every adoring mom wants to display on her fridge, refrigerator magnets are an absolute necessity and a set of doggy ones will just make the whole scene even more enjoyable and fun.
Cute dog head on tote bagTote Bags – A tote bag sporting any kind of canine theme is sure to please the dog loving mom in your life. With lots to choose from, you will have no trouble finding the perfect one to match her personality.

For the Jewelry-Loving Mama

Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

A little bling might just be the ticket for that perfect Mother’s Day gift this year. Here are some ideas for types of jewelry that Mom might appreciate … all with a doggy flair, of course!

Cuff bracelet with dog inscriptionBracelets – From the simple bangle to the ever-growing charm bracelet to the much more substantial leather or braided style, Mama will love a new addition to jewelry collection.
Paw print charm for braceletBracelet Charms – If your mother already has a charm bracelet that she wears, you know she would appreciate any charm having to do with dogs or living with dogs.
Dog paw print and bone necklaceNecklaces – Women love to admire each other’s necklaces and an adorable doggy one will surely have your mom’s friends asking where she got it … and she will lovingly say from YOU!
Ring with paw print and dogRings – Show some doggy love with a ring (or two) for the jewelry-loving mama you want to honor at Mother’s Day or for her birthday. Dog paw print rings are especially cute!

Apparel and Accessories for Mom

Mothers Day Apparel Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Whether its outside clothes or items only worn at home, Mom is sure to appreciate something new for her wardrobe. Here are some cute dog-themed items Mom won’t be embarrassed to wear (at least at home!)

Cute socks with dog facesSocks – Mom’s personality will determine where she will feel comfortable wearing them, but some uniquely dog-centric socks will certainly brighten her day as they keep her feet warm or simply complete her outfit of the day.
Cute dog house slippersHouse Slippers – Unless she is a barefoot kind of person, Mom is going to need house shoes, so why not replace her old ones with a fun dog-themed pair. The kids will certainly love them although the dog(s) may not know what to think of them!
Black dog t-shirt with sunflowers and paw printsT-Shirts – From cute to motivational to downright rude, there are so many ladies dog t-shirts to choose from that you might need to get more than one for Mom so she can choose based on her mood.
Dog Mom baseball capBaseball Caps – For the casual mama, for the day at the park, or for the times when she is just too busy to do anything with her hair, a baseball cap is just what is needed. And when the hat makes a doggy impression or doggy statement, who’s going to notice anything else anyway?!
Leggings covered with dogsLeggings – Whether she wants them for workout or just for casual wear, your birthday or Mother’s Day gift can bring a smile knowing dogs will accompany her as she enjoys wearing these comfortable leg coverings.
Pajamas with dogs on themPajamas – There are many cute options for the pajama mama in your life. From dogs crawling all over the sleepwear to a human/canine matched set to a nightgown instead of a two-piece set, Mom will be happy with something creatively new!
Scarf with dogs on itScarves – Give your mother a way to add some subtle lightheartedness to her wardrobe with a classy scarf covered in doggy goodness.

For the Wine-Loving Mama

Mothers Day Wine Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

If your mom has been known to imbibe a little or enjoys a glass of wine after a long hard day, then something wine related would suit. Here are some creative ways to bring dogs into the wine time of her day.

Cute wine glass with dog paw prints and collarWine Glasses – Whether your mom prefers her wine glasses with or without stems, there are plenty that feature dog sayings or images, or just a simple paw print.
Wine stopper with cute dog facesWine Stoppers – A dog as a wine stopper is super cute, whether it is a specific breed or just a mutt. Or maybe a bone or paw print is more to your mother’s liking.
Insulated wine tumbler with dog quoteWine Tumblers – To prevent spills or to maintain the best temperature, Mom might enjoy an insulated wine tumbler … almost like a sippy cup for adults 😉
Dog-shaped wine cork holderWine Cork Holders – What’s a woman to do with all those corks once they’ve been popped? Why add them to a dog-shaped cage or caddy and watch it fill up over time.
Cute dog charms for wine glassWine Charms and Markers – For the entertaining mom, wine charms and markers are a must. With lots of fun doggy ones to choose from, her guests will have a pawsitively enjoyable time!
Dog figurine with wine cork bodyWine Cork Sculptures – For the mom who likes wine and unique collectibles, a dog with a wine cork for a belly may just fit the bill.
Cute puppy holding a bottle of wineWine Bottle Holders – Choose your mom’s favorite breed of dog to hold her next bottle of wine. Makes a great centerpiece or counter top display, or add it to the wine bar collection. Ready to use as-is, or the artistically inclined can add a little paint to make the markings match Mom’s pooch.
Dog head wine pourer aeratorWine Pourers and Aerators – Dress up an otherwise boring tool by giving mom one with a dog’s head on it. Nothing like seeing wine coming out of the dog’s mouth!
Wine bags with dogs on themWine Bags – Giving Mom a bottle or two of her favorite wine for Mother’s Day or her birthday? Then why not dress it up in a dog-themed wine bag that will have her smiling before she even looks inside! And the best part is that she can always re-gift it later if she wants to.

For Mom’s Office (at Home or Work)

If Mom has a desk at work or some office space at home, why not choose a gift for that aspect of her life. Here are some things your mother might want or need in an office setting and can, of course, be found with a canine theme.

Beware of Wigglebutts box signBox Signs – Rather than just a framed dog quote or some other kind of wall decor, give your mom a box sign to display on her desk to add a little happy to her day.
Frisky dog bookends setBookends – Whether she has reference books or file folders that she needs easy access to, Mom will get a kick out of a pair of doggy bookends to help her out.
Laptop case with montage of dog photosLaptop Cases – A mother’s laptop has to get from one place to another so why shouldn’t it be safely in a padded case covered in doggy sweetness!
Mouse pad full of dogsMouse Pads – A mousepad is essential to any mama who spends much time on the computer. From the square to the round to the ergonomic, you’re sure to find a dog-themed one that will suit her fancy.
Dog-shaped paperclipsDesk Accessories – Why should mom have to settle for boring when she can have dogs all over her desk … as a tape dispenser, paper clips, a perpetual calendar, or even as a small lamp.

For the Front of Mom’s House

Your mother wants the front of her house to look nice for when visitors (like YOU!) come or just so the neighbors think well of her. Here are some things you can give her that will help her accomplish that goal … all while showing her love of dogs.

Welcome mat with dog tailsWelcome Mats – Gone are the boring welcome mats of yesteryear! Bring mom into the 21st Century with a mat that greets people with a cute or even obnoxious doggy saying on it.
Garden flag featuring cute dogsGarden Flags – Give Mom a way to brighten up the front stoop or her front yard with a cute and colorful doggy-themed garden flag that will wave at people as they pass by.
Colorful paw print mailbox coverMailbox Covers – A pretty and attractive mailbox cover will make checking the mail fun for your mother and be easy for her to use as an identifying landmark for visitors to her home.
Dog figurine holding lanternSolar Lanterns – A figurine of your mom’s favorite dog breed holding a solar lantern in its mouth … what a cute greeting for visitors when they get to the front door!

For Mama’s Backyard or Mud Room

With a backyard for her dog(s) to also spend time in, your mother might need some back-of-the-house things that you could give her. Here are a few truly useful items that benefit Mom as much as the dog(s).

Dog Screen Doors – Mom will love a dog screen door or mesh curtain that keeps the bugs out but lets the dog(s) go in and out at will without her having to constantly be getting up to open the door. (And don’t forget to install it for her!)
Doggy Mats – As much as she loves her dog(s), Mama hates wet paws on her floors and furniture or muddy paw prints on her carpet. Remedy that with a good quality ultra absorbent doggy door mat to catch all the dirtiness before it makes its way inside.
Paw Print Solar Lights – If a dog-lover wants solar lights along their walkway or patio, why shouldn’t they be in the shape of paw prints! Your mother will love you forever for installing these for her!
Wall Hooks and Leash Holders – Dog-themed wall hooks can be used in any room, but if your mom and her dog(s) enjoy a daily walk, somewhere cute to hang the leash(es) might truly be appreciated.

For All the Time Mom Spends in the Kitchen

Mothers Day Kitchen Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen because of love … either because of love for the family or just the love of cooking. Here are some fun ideas that feature dogs but are purely for mama’s benefit.

Aprons – Spice up mama’s kitchen cover-up with an apron covered in cute and colorful canines. And whether she’s serving lunch indoors or dinner in the backyard, she’ll be styling in her dog-lover apron.
Coasters – Help eliminate Mom’s worry about water rings on the furniture with a set of dog-themed coasters for the drinks of guests in the living room or the dining room.
Coffee Gift Set – Brighten your mom’s morning with a gift set featuring coffee and dogs. If the coffee label itself doesn’t sport a doggy image, choose a set that includes a mug with a dog face or dog saying.
Cookie Cutters and Molds – Any mother who makes her own dog treats and goodies would love dog-themed cookie cutters and silicone molds. The cute shapes are also a great way to get young kids interested in “helping out” in the kitchen.
Dish Towels – Moms can never have enough dish towels and some dog-themed ones will be great conversation pieces when company or family comes to visit.
Dog Treat Containers – Spiff up your mother’s kitchen counter with an attractive container for the many dog treats she keeps on hand. No more fumbling around trying to open and close all those bags every time the dog needs or wants a T-R-E-A-T!
Kitchen Rugs – Every mama needs a rug in her kitchen so why do boring when you can liven up the floor at her feet with dogs!!
Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets – If salt and pepper are going on the table anyway, why not let the shakers themselves or some part of the set be dog-shaped. And if your mom happens to collect S&P shakers, what better way to add to her collection.
Spoon Rests – A spoon rest is an easy and useful way to add a little doggy color and happiness to Mom’s otherwise boring-looking stove.
Tablecloths – For casual entertaining or hosting a party, your dog-loving mother is sure to appreciate a tablecloth covered in pooches or paw prints.

For Any Room in Your Mother’s House

Mothers Day Home Decor Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

While some items are more “useful” or necessary than others, there are plenty of things that could work in any number of rooms in your mother’s house. Here are some ideas to consider that also all conveniently can be found with doggy designs on them. Woof!

Art Décor – If absolutely nothing else speaks to you, surely your mother has room for another adorable dog-themed wall hanging or box sign that will bring smiles and hugs.
Clocks – There’s nothing like looking at a cute doggy clock every time you want to know what time it is, so give your mom something to smile about all throughout the day.
Dog Shaped Pillows – Why settle for a square throw pillow when you can have a dog-shaped one? A rather unique concept your mom (or maybe the grandchildren!) might enjoy.
Door Stops – Help mom keep those doors open with weighted dog door stops. From the cute to the unique to the laughable, you’re sure to find something she could use.
Draft Stoppers – Whether Mom has drafty doors and windows or wants to muffle sounds or keep the bugs out, a cute doggy draft stopper will be pulling double-duty while also being pleasing to look at.
Fan Pulls – Switch out or replace some of your mother’s old or broken fan or light pulls with some cute puppy or doggy-themed ones.
Plush Blankets – Your mom is sure to enjoy a luxuriously soft plush blanket with a dog design on it but she also will probably expect to have to “share” it with the dog(s)!!
Flower Pots – Flower pots come in all sizes and decorative designs but there are likely none in your mother’s house that will be as adorable or conversation-starting as one in the shape of a dog.
Light Switch Covers – A doggy switch plate cover is such a simple way to dress up Mama’s favorite room. No matter the type of light switch cover she has, you’ll find something she will love.
Picture Frames – Give Mom a dog-themed picture frame for a picture she needs to display or with a picture of your choice. She’ll be anxious to find a place to show it off to everyone.
Throw Pillow Covers – If your mother’s living room, den or bedroom could use a face-lift, what better way to accomplish that than with new doggy covers for her throw pillows!
Tissue Box Holders – Mama can hide those boring tissue boxes scattered throughout the house or in the car with an adorably cute (and soft!) dog tissue box holder.
Wall Decals – Few things catch your attention as you walk into a room as a wall decal will. Choose a doggy phrase that Mom will enjoy and then offer to help her install it.

For Mama’s Bathroom

Not to be overlooked and almost the most “necessary” room in the house, don’t forget about Mom’s bathroom! Here are some gift ideas for fun ways to help your mother give her bathroom a quick and easy face-lift … just by adding a few dogs into the decor mix!

Bath Rug Sets – When Mom is in need of a new bath rug set or feels like sprucing the bathroom up a bit, there’s no better time to introduce a little doggy love into the mix. Go wild or go subtle … but go dogs!!
Shower Curtains – Sometimes a new shower curtain is all it takes to bring new life to a mother’s bathroom. And what mom wouldn’t crack a big smile to see a hilarious picture of a dog taking a bath splashed across her shower curtain every time she walked into the bathroom!
Soap Dispensers – Don’t forget the vanity area … and add some dog features to the soap dispenser. It may just be the simple and low-key addition that your mom would appreciate in her bathroom.
Toilet Paper Holder – Whether one roll at a time is what’s needed or if mom would like room for several to be stored for easy access, there is a dog-themed toilet paper holder sure to suit her fancy.
Toilet Seat Covers and Stickers – And the most important feature of the bathroom can be dogified also. Removable vinyl stickers or decals are a great way for your mom to add some color and pizzazz to that otherwise boring chamber pot!

For the Mom Who Has Everything

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Sometimes moms truly already have “everything” they need or sometimes they’re just kind of hard to shop for. Here are some ideas for the mother who doesn’t need any traditional things or that has you stumped for a creative gift for her special day of recognition.

Beach Towels – Whether she is actually going to the beach, taking the kids to the nearby swimming pool, or just laying out to work on her tan, the canine-loving mother you’re celebrating will enjoy a fun and colorful beach towel full of dogs.
Bicycle Basket Carrier – If mama enjoys biking and the dog enjoys the outdoors, why not get her a basket carrier so she can take the dog along with her on her bicycle rides. What fun !
Bookmarks – Every good book deserves a good bookmark so why not give Mom some charming bookmarks to hold her place in however many books she is reading.
Christmas Ornaments – A Christmas tree full of doggy ornaments might be a bit excessive for most people (or not!) but no tree would suffer with “just one more” dog ornament hanging from its branches.
Coffee Table Books – Although coffee table books are generally for the entertainment of guests, there’s no reason owners can’t enjoy those same books any time they want. Maybe your mother would enjoy a glossy book full of gorgeous or hilarious dog photos.
Coloring Books – If Mom has never colored since childhood or if she enjoys the relaxation of spending time with crayons, gel pens, or colored pencils, a coloring book full of dog and puppy images will bring hours of enjoyment to her downtime.
Cross Stitch Kit – If your crafty mama is into cross stitching, choose one of the many delightful doggy cross stitch kits that she can have fun creating and then either keep for herself or give the finished product as a gift to someone else.
Dog Heartbeat Gifts – From jewelry to t-shirts to mugs and so much more, you can find any number of items your mother might like that feature a dog or a paw print in a heartbeat design. You know she’ll love it almost as much as she loves her dog(s) … and you!
Jigsaw Puzzles – As a jigsaw puzzle fan, your mom will be in Seventh Heaven if you give her a colorful puzzle featuring dogs. (I know it’s always a hit with my mom!!) Get her the biggest one her table can handle for many more hours of fun.
Journals – Choose a cover that is breed specific, that has some fun or snarky words on it, or that just has dogs all over it and Mom will find a way to put that charming lined journal to good use.
Keychains and Keyrings – Don’t let your mom settle for a plain or boring way to carry her keys. Give her a darling keychain or keyring that is all about dogs and just wait for that beatific smile she’ll give you!
Knit and Crochet Patterns – For the knitting or crocheting mama, creating something for her favorite pooch(es) would be an act of love. Or maybe she’d rather just make her own dog … oh my!!
Laundry Hair Remover – A dog that sheds a lot will cause more clean-up work for any dog owner. So why not give your mother one of the well-reviewed dryer or washing machine hair remover options that makes catching all that hair easier and less time-consuming for her.
Matching Gifts for Mom and Dog – While a simple matching bracelet for mom and collar for the dog might be enough for your mother, you could also consider matching clothes if your mom gets a kick out of dressing up her canine baby. Of course, matching t-shirts can be a more subtle way to coordinate their attire for the day without over-doing things.
Monopoly Game (Dog Versions) – Does Mom enjoy a good game of Monopoly? Then give her a new game that features dog pictures on the board and some doggy twists to the old game. Select her favorite breed or just go generic and get the original canine version, Dog-opoly.
Mugs – When it comes to coffee mugs, it can no longer be said that “a mug is just a mug.” There are so many creatively designed dog-themed mugs to choose from that you will have no trouble finding something your mom will love and will be sure to find room for in her (already full) cupboard!
Paint By Number – Gorgeous is an understatement for some of the canine paint-by-number kits that are made for adults and older children. If your mother enjoyed these as a child or has even painted as an adult, you must get her one that features dogs!
Passport Holder – The international traveling mama needs a passport, and a passport holder sporting a dog on the cover will make it harder to lose … or at least easier to find among all the other paperwork she’ll need to carry with her.
Planners – If mom needs or uses a planner, then get her one from the huge selection of dog-themed ones! While the inside may not necessarily have dogs gracing the pages, the attractive cover will more than make up for that shortfall.
Pouch Carriers and Hoodies – If mama has a tiny dog, then she might benefit from a purse or pet sling to carry her dog around in. And for the really tiny dogs, a hoodie with a pet pouch is just too cute!
Trinket Boxes – Who wouldn’t want to entrust their jewelry every night into the capable “hands” of a doggy trinket box! Choose from the simple to the adorable to the downright fancy and give your mom a beautiful keepsake treasure box.
Wallets – Dress up the interior of Mom’s purse or give her something attractive enough that she can carry it around on its own … a wallet covered in colorful doggy goodness. Such a useful and necessary item does not need to be dull and ugly!

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