Dog Luggage Tags for Traveling in Style

Cute Dog Luggage Tags

Oh, the places you’ll go with some wisely-chosen dog luggage tags for traveling in style. Identify your bags in stand-out fashion with tags that are easily spotted. Whether it is for your carry-on bag, for the suitcase that goes in the cargo hold of the plane, for your cruise luggage, or for your pet carrier, why not mark it as yours in a cute way?!

They can also be great conversation starters, especially when standing at the LONG check-in lines at the airport or riding on the shuttle bus that carries you between the terminal and where you left your car in the long-term parking lot.

But there’s no need to limit yourself to just using these when traveling on that annual vacation trip. Although the official name is “luggage tag,” these can be used for any number of items that you feel need your contact information attached.

Use them for your gym bag, for your children’s backpacks, or for your own purse or tote bag. After all, if it is out of your house and moving around, it IS traveling … from one destination to another!

Here are some some fun ones to consider –

You can always travel “first class” with this adorable dog-shaped luggage tag. Sporting some cool-looking sunglasses and a sweater covered in multi-colored bones, this little guy will make your luggage easy to spot on the baggage claim carousel. He looks like he’s ready for a sunny vacation but he’ll make you smile no matter your destination.

Cute dog luggage tag with first class tag

Who can resist the cuteness of a selfie group picture of smiling dogs?! These two matching colorful tags will be easy to spot and will definitely cause laughter and envy from anyone who sees them. Maybe they’re too cute though because someone might steal your bag just for the tags 😉

Funny dogs group photo luggage tag set

This black and white identification tag for your luggage or other bags is perfect for the rescue-minded dog lover. In the familiar yin and yang design, the paw prints and the words Rescue and Adopt say it all. Made of leather and larger than most rectangular tags, this round one also has a privacy flap that covers your information which is a very nice feature.

Round black and white paw print tag for luggage

When cute is what you’re looking for, a breed specific dog-shaped luggage tag may just be the ticket. Available in thirty-six different breeds, you’re sure to find one for anyone on your shopping list … or just for yourself! Since these are a little smaller than standard tags, they might be best used for carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage, or for some non-travel identification purpose.

Breed specific dog-shaped luggage tag

This colorful matched pair of luggage tags feature a smiling dog face, created by New York-born pop artist Dean Russo. The vibrant colors of his unique artistic style will make your luggage smile all on its own. Perfect for dog lovers of any age or for any travel or non-travel purposes.

Colorful smiling dog luggage tag set

In understated simplicity, the two white paw prints on a black background will endear this luggage tag duo to any dog lover. Makes a great gift idea for any occasion or time of year.

Black and white paw print luggage tag

No Pug lover will be able to resist the silly smile on this luggage tag. With his stylish sunglasses, this happy canine will have you yearning for some beach time yourself … where he will gladly accompany you. Just say the word and he’s ready to go!

Silly smiling Pug baggage tag

If cute is your thing, then these Yorkie puppy luggage tags will be pulling your heartstrings. With two tags in the set, you can have your suitcase and carry-on labeled with matching tags. And when you’re not traveling, transfer them to some other bag or item you need to have tagged with your information so you can enjoy the cuteness any time!

Cute Yorkie puppy luggage tags

Can you ever have too many dogs on your luggage tags? Not likely! Check out the simple design of this set of two tags with lots of dogs of various breeds featured on the front. The busy white dogs on a black background give a sharp look to the text in the middle … Because Dogs.

Black luggage tags covered with white dogs

Calling all Pit Bull lovers … this luggage tag is for you! The round tag is larger than the standard size so ideal for easy identification of your suitcase at the baggage claim area. And that Pittie smile will reel you in right away.

Smiling Pit Bull round luggage tag

Going to Hawaii or the Caribbean or on a cruise? Then take this adorable beach-ready vacation hound with you on your luggage tags. The colorful lei, the red sunglasses and the blue flip flops will have YOU very ready for your trip, and the tag will make your suitcase easy to pick out from all the other travelers’ luggage.

Fun-loving lei-wearing dog luggage tag

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