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Travel Socks Make Traveling Fun Again!

If you’ve ever done very much traveling where you had to sit for hours on end, then you absolutely must check out Travel Socks.

Whether traveling for pleasure or for work, the last thing you want is to arrive feeling tired simply due to achy feet and legs.

What?! You’ve never heard of travel socks before or aren’t sure what their purpose is? Then prepare to get excited about your next travel adventure!

I love to travel … the further the better! While most of my trips have been good ones, sometimes something unexpected happens …

I Love To Fly!

Fly Me To The Moon …

Cute Travel SocksCute Travel Socks

I used to travel quite a bit, making a trip to the other side of the world every few years. And when I was younger, it never bothered me.

Sure, twenty-four hours en route (counting stop-overs, lay-overs, etc.) and then arriving at my destination in the middle of the day (when my body seriously needed sleep) were a rough adjustment.

But the excitement of the trip always more than made up for any temporary tiredness or inconvenience. At least it always had in the past.

But on my last trip I encountered something that had never happened before …

What Happened To My Feet?!

A Traveler’s Nightmare … All Vanity Lost!

Everything about the trip was the same … same departure and arrival cities, same basic flight schedule, same coach class seating … there was no reason to expect anything to be different.

But when I arrived at my final destination and started to put my shoes back on, I gasped! My feet and ankles had swollen! While I was able to put my tennis shoes back on, I could hardly tie them. I was appalled, amazed, aghast. What had caused this phenomenon?

Probably even worse than the fact that my feet swelled up was the fact that it took at least three days for them to go back to normal … three days of feeling overly self-conscious about my fat feet and ankles and having trouble getting into my shoes. I determined that would NOT happen again!

Travel Compression Socks

The answer to the long-distance traveler’s prayers!

CanklesSo before taking my next international trip, I decided I needed to do some research and see what I could do to keep this from happening again.

While my condition was probably not as drastic as what is commonly referred to as “Cankles,” the swelling of feet is not something I would wish on anyone. While they didn’t hurt, it was incredibly embarrassing.

My research turned up something I feel is worth trying on my next trip … travel socks. The name is somewhat innocuous but the benefits look to be exactly what I was searching for. They are not only terrific for the actual traveling but also perfect for people who have limited space to carry clothes. Here’s what I found …

What Do Compression Socks Do?

In other words … what is the benefit of compression travel socks?

What Compression Socks DoWhat Compression Socks Do

There are several brands of socks but the premise is basically the same. These socks have graduated compression which stimulates blood flow and that in turn reduces swelling in your legs and feet. Poor circulation is what had caused my swollen feet and ankles so this feature would have been perfect for my situation.

When your blood circulation level is higher, your energy level is also higher which means you can arrive at your destination less tired and more energetic … perfect for those flights that have you arriving early in the day so you can hit the ground running.

These socks are designed to help in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (or DVT) which commonly affects the leg veins. While this is not always a serious condition, blood clots are a serious complication which results in a medical emergency that has a 3% chance of death.

One of the factors increasing a person’s risk of developing DVT is sitting for long periods of time on an airplane … or what is also referred to as “economy class syndrome.”

When Should You Use Travel Socks?

  • when traveling long hours by plane or car
  • when in a job that requires long periods of time sitting or standing
  • when traveling at high altitudes
  • when doing strenuous activities (such as hiking)

Compression Socks For Travel

For Medical Reasons Or Just For A More Comfortable Trip

Lightweight and made of fibers that stretch for comfort, airline travel socks are easy to put on and take off. They are not as confining as many medical compression socks are … such as those designed for diabetics.

They are, however, for the most part medically approved for those with mild varicose veins as well as to relieve tired, aching and swollen legs. And they are breathable which is great for when you have to wear socks for hours on end.

Air Travel Compression SocksAir Travel Compression SocksGraduated Compression Travel SocksGraduated Compression SocksCompression Socks for TravelCompression Socks for Travel

Since I liked what I saw in what the manufacturers had to say about their socks, I knew I needed to check out what actual consumers had to say. Again I was impressed …

Best Travel Socks For Women

Graduated Compression Travel Socks For WomenGraduated Compression Travel Socks For Women

With numerous 5 out of 5 star ratings, this brand is obviously the winner for the best travel socks for women.

From first time users to repeat and daily users, these socks are the ones buyers are willing to take the time to write good and honest reviews about.

Click here to read some of the reviews.

Customer Reviews of Compression Travel Socks

Why People Choose Compression Socks When Flying

The reviews I read indicated that everyone liked travel socks for the most part. The comments ranged from “awesome for travel” to “as good as they claim” to “pleased with the comfort of the socks.”

The comment that really sold me was the guy who talked about 26 hours of flying time on a 30-hour trip where he still felt good at the end. I’m all too familiar with those trips and how tired you are when you arrive!

There were a couple of negative comments although none that would prevent me from trying these out. One person indicated the brand they had chosen seemed itchy, and another reviewer stated that the ones he had bought were a little too thin for serious walking.

Best Travel Socks For Men

Compression Travel Socks For MenCompression Travel Socks For Men

This one gets the best rating for all the travel socks for men. Over and over again, the reviewers compare this to other brands they have tried and this one wins hands-down every time. Some of those comparisons were for much more expensive brands too!

Click here to read some of the reviews.

Travel Socks Come In Many Colors

Easily Find Casual Travel Socks To Match Any Outfit or Mood

In reviewing several different brands, the buyers also indicated that the socks had been perfect for just about any situation. From the actual flight to running around town sightseeing and even for hiking in the jungle.

Some manufacturers offer only one or two basic colors such as white, cream, beige, navy, and black. The style of the socks make them ideal for casual wear of all kinds. But other manufacturers realize many travelers want a way to express themselves and so they offer travel socks of bright colors and designs.

Jigsaw Travel SocksJigsaw Travel SocksHearts Travel SocksHearts Travel SocksCrazy for Color Travel SocksCrazy for Color Travel SocksLightning and Rain Travel SocksLightning and Rain Travel SocksRainbow Stripes Travel SocksRainbow Stripes Travel SocksMoustache Travel SocksMoustache Travel Socks

And since the socks are not bulky and several brands indicate that they can be washed and will hang dry by morning, several pairs of these would easily replace the 7 – 10 pairs of cotton socks I would normally take on a long trip.

All in all, the consumer reviews averaged 4+ out of 5 stars so I will likely give these a try on my next trip. I had never heard of travel socks so now that I know they exist, I’m ready to take one of those horrible long plane trips again … just to see how well they work! Or maybe I’ll just get them for the next cross-country drive to visit family.

How To Put On Compression Socks

Due to the compression aspect of these socks, they need to be put on your feet in a slightly different manner than regular socks. Watch this video to see the correct approach for donning your socks as well as a few tips of things you should not do.

Are There Some Travel Socks In Your Future?

Why Do YOU Need To Buy Travel Socks?

  • Long-distance air travel
  • Long road trips
  • Job requires standing all day
  • Job requires sitting all day

Check out all the options for quality travel compression socks available at Amazon!

Travel tip - eliminate sore legs and potential medical issues on those long trips by using compression socks.

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